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I'm already famous, ya'll just don't know me yet....
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The Miami, Florida native exploded onto the comedy scene in full force making his comedic debut at the Miami Improv over 9 years ago. Using his real life experiences and hot topics of the day, Spunky keeps the crowds laughing as a proven stand-up artist. 


Known for his fast paced comedic style, the self-proclaimed “Punchlinekang” has an energetic presence and ability to quickly connect with any crowd.  Armed with his hilarious comedic musical parodies, there is no limit to his talent which makes him a force to be reckoned with. 


Spunky the Punchlinekang is quickly becoming one of the most sought after comedians and can be see performing in clubs across the country. With his experience and connections he has been able to host  and book for several rooms around the US, as well as create a management company PunchlineKang Ent. They host an annual cruise Laughs on Lido, which combine comedy and cruising for fans and friends from all over the US.

Since his original leap of faith into comedy Spunky has written a book titled "Yesterday, I made my Last Excuse which discusses his life transition into comedy and the path that lead him here. He describes his story as a guide for upcoming comedians in the industry in hopes of helping them avoid certain mistakes and for anyone looking for a motivation or guide in this road called life. 

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